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Now that you have developed your LinkedIn profile, you’ve been contacted for an interview

You’ve been contacted for an interview…

Now that you have developed your LinkedIn profile, you’ve been contacted for an interview. Congratulations – you knew you had it in you! Now what?

Find out what as much as you can about the entire interview process. These days, most interviews start as either phone screen or virtual. Research in advance – both the company and who’ll you’ll be interviewing with – use LinkedIn for both.

Basic considerations for looking your best…

If it’s a phone screen, dress up for it – no loungewear. If its online, make sure the PC camera is at eye level and check your background and lighting. This way when you look at the camera people have the feeling that you’re looking at them and not down, which has the propensity to accentuate a double chin for some. If you wear glasses you may have glare so prepare ahead of time with your screen and your Internet connection.

And above all, Smile!

Being likeable is just as important as having all the needed technical skills. You’re excited to be interviewing – so let them know that. And smile on a phone call, as that’ll affect your voice. And, don’t be afraid to take time before answering an interview question – you don’t want you responses to come across as ‘canned.’

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