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It can be challenging and even frustrating getting started using LinkedIn

About KML Consultants

Kenneth Lang, founder of KML Consultants, was an early adopter of LinkedIn.  For more than 10 years, KML Consultants has shared LinkedIn knowledge and LinkedIn training best practices at networking events and online workshops attended by

  • Job Seekers
  • Business Professionals
  • Career Coaches
  • Decision makers

LinkedIn should be part of your job search toolkit. Getting started is easy, but maximizing your time here is where we come in. Let KML Consultants be your one-stop networking and job search destination.

Did you know you can:

Share content, engage on other LinkedIn posts and then market yourself as a subject matter expert.

Many people we work with are frustrated they aren’t getting contacted through LinkedIn. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is more than your resume, it’s about branding yourself.

Let KML Consultants market you and your expertise. We’ll work with you to develop your LinkedIn profile, but to continue marketing your ‘brand.’  Let KML Consultants be your LinkedIn Concierge.

A bit more about KML Consultants…

KML Consultants belongs to and facilitates several job support and small business networking groups in NJ and on Zoom.  Volunteering and ‘paying it forward’ are important as part of our personal mission.

In June 2020, KML Consultants launched an online monthly job support group in Wayne, N.J.

These are two main non-profit organizations we’re active in:

(1) The Rutgers New Start Career Network which provides older (ages 45+), long-term unemployed New Jersey job seekers with access to free, personalized career services, including web-based information resources and in-person and virtual career coaching-

(2) William Paterson University’s Pesce Institute where KML Consultants helps prepare students for their careers or graduate education. The institute matches students with a mentor who can offer them career advice and guidance. Mentors and Mentees work together to establish and meet the goals they set.

Kenneth Lang is a Proud LinkedIn Introvert

KML Consultants Can Help

Our innovative perspectives, unmatched strategies, and long-lasting results will help either you, as a job seeker, or as a small business owner take advantage of unique tools for success.


Too often LinkedIn is ‘clumped’ in with the rest of social media especially by businesses. LinkedIn is social but in a professional way. Start by thinking of LinkedIn as digital business card/contact system you can leverage.


First you need to have a strategy. Just as important you: you need to develop a professional etiquette and an appropriate way to engage. Include KML Consultants as part of your Career Management toolkit.


We can help meet your lifetime goals – a better job, more business, personal and/or professional branding. We’ll work with you on LinkedIn best practices, training and support.