Networking Strategies

Don’t you hate going to networking events where people only talk about themselves? Yep, so do I.

The art of quality business networking is understanding that it’s not always about “what’s in it for me” but rather, “how can I help you?” Becoming a trusted resource and a generous networker who provides referrals (or helpful advice) rather than always seeking them is where the professional networking magic happens over time.

With KML Consultants’ networking strategies, you’ll learn:

Sustained Assistance

  • How to develop multiple professional introductions (elevator pitches) tailored to different types of networking groups
  • How to develop a networking routine that delivers steady results
  • The value of good listening skills to grow your circle of influence
  • About adding a job search team to your networking efforts to keep you on target

Our networking strategies services make a great gift for a recent college graduate, someone engaged in an active job search, or someone changing careers. It’s also great for seasoned professionals whose networking goals may have changed and they’re looking for ways to refresh their activities.

This package also makes a great value-add combination with our one-on-one LinkedIn profile review to help put our insights into action. Contact us to discuss how to put our networking strategies services to work for you.

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