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Let’s Zoom-a-Zoom-a-Zoom

Let’s Zoom-a-Zoom-a-Zoom

By now, most of us know what an ‘elevator pitch’ is. But when asking your friends and family for advice, you need to have a different way to get across what you’re looking for. In full disclosure, I’ve struggled with this at times too as I assumed everyone would automatically know what I did.

Inside of being technical, I might say that “I analyze a company’s business needs by meeting with groups to understand those needs.” This is especially helpful on virtual call when you can post this information in the chat area.

When we get back to in-person networking

When we get back to in-person networking…

Have multiple elevator pitches ready – anything from 30-second to 1-minute and tailored to different types of networking groups. And above all, smile always!

For our college students and those just starting out

For our college students and those just starting out…

We all should share our experiences with them – both successes and failures. Think back to 2008-2010 and how you felt then.

A few quick tips

  • Explain how networking works – how everyone you meet might mean you’re that much closer to a job
  • Graduates should take advantage of their college’s LinkedIn pages
  • Remind them that their other social media profiles need to be as ‘clean’ as possible
  • Invite them to networking events you attend so they can start ‘meeting’ people
  • In addition to LinkedIn and other social media, build your own website where you can share eve more about yourself
  • Stay in touch with your teachers after you graduate

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