KML Consultants offers several unique 1-on-1 LinkedIn packages tailored to your specific needs.

Have a 15 minute call with KML Consultants for us to best determine your LinkedIn needs. We’re constantly on top of LinkedIn changes. Let KML Consultants put our experience to work for you.

LinkedIn 1-on-1 Session


In our one-hour session, we’ll review:

  • Your LinkedIn profile for completeness based on return of your completed questionnaire
  • What you want us to concentrate on with your LinkedIn profile
  • How you have been using LinkedIn now
  • Has that been working? Why or why not?
  • What do you need the most help with
  • How to enhance your profile through keywords, job descriptions, content sharing, and overall engagement


Session outcome:

  • You’ll have a high-quality LinkedIn profile, with specific keywords so you can be found by your target audience
  • If requested, session can be recorded
  • We’ll follow-up with actionable items


Networking and LinkedIn


In our one-hour session we’ll:

  • Develop your networking ‘voice’
  • Discuss having a networking ‘buddy’ and networking ‘team’
  • Define what networking means and how you’ll do it efficiently
  • Determine the right networking strategy for you
  • Determine the best types of networking events for you
  • Review your LinkedIn profile to make it more networking-friendly
  • Learn networking best practices with LinkedIn

Session outcome:

  • You’ll gain a better understanding of how easy networking can be when done well
  • If requested, session can be recorded
  • We’ll follow-up with actionable items


Non-Profit Group Presentation


We’ll do a one-hour LinkedIn discussion for your group for the topic you request

My past presentations have been for local libraries, religious organizations and local chambers of commerce

If requested, session can be recorded



I like to call Ken Mr. Networking. He defines what it means to network and connect with people. We have been working together for several years now mentoring and coaching folks who are looking to improve their career options. We were both early LinkedIn adopters and now Ken is leveraging the platform a power networking user. We have been working on developing new tools to help people develop their own skills to further their career goals. If you want to know how to network with someone, and you should, ask Ken!

Rich Hecklemann
Senior Project Manager in northern New Jersey

No matter if you are a new or long-time user of LinkedIn, you will benefit from joining Ken Lang’s training sessions for LinkedIn. Ken is the best person I know regarding the ins and outs of LinkedIn. He is a great trainer who helps you understand and implement new LinkedIn features quickly. If you have any questions regarding LinkedIn and want an answer, contact Ken as he is the LinkedIn Guy!

Marty Latman
Executive Career Coach, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Keynote Speaker, Helping Business and People Reach a Higher Success Level

Ken is extremely knowledgeable about the “In’s and out’s” of LinkedIn. In our very first session he opened up my eyes to many ways that I can better utilize LinkedIn to engage my ideal prospect and grow my business. Things of which I was totally unaware. He is patient and focused – two great qualities for working with someone who is learning a new skill set! I highly recommend you reach out to Ken for the best way to optimize your LinkedIn profile and activity!

Melani Sessa
Small business owner

I attended a LinkedIn workshop presentation by Ken Lang. He told us he was going to discuss some basic information about LinkedIn. To my surprise we discussed information that was more than basic. Ken did a fabulous job percolating lots of discussion which in turn helped everyone in the room. The discussion in the room was all about helping everyone else which I absolutely loved. He specifically asked many of the participants what they wanted him to talk about. Ken did a great job showing and explaining to everyone several facets of Linkedin. I am really glad I went to the workshop. I highly recommend Ken for your next Linkedin presentation. He gets everyone involved which is a very good thing.

Scott Gerardi
Small business owner in central New Jersey