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Job Search: Market Yourself

Market Yourself

DON’T: Pattern your LinkedIn profile like your resume – LinkedIn is a marketing tool for yourself and your accomplishments.

DO: Personalize your LinkedIn connection request, and follow up on them by thanking them for connection and continuing a conversation.

It shouldn’t always be about #WIIFM – What’s In It For Me – It should be about #HCIHU – How Can I Help You?

Job Search: Follow-up Thoughts


Volunteering can be:

  • A great way to keep your technical and soft skills updated
  • Another way to remain active if you’re in transition
  • A way to passively network
  • Helpful for your self esteem
  • Another thing to add to your LinkedIn profile in multiple places
  • So fulfilling
Job Search: Volunteering

Follow-up Thoughts…

  • Don’t take rejection personally – same goes for not hearing from others after applying for jobs, especially since some of these jobs may not be opening up for a while.
  • Have a job search ‘buddy’ or buddies – people who can keep you on target.
  • Have a routine – not just for job search.
  • Recognize there’s only so much you can control.
  • Be genuine and help others all the time.

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