Whether you’re:

·        A Business owner looking for new clients

·        A Job seeker looking for a better opportunity

·        Just looking to better yourself professionally and personally

You should be networking…..

Networking can mean anything from:

·        Attending a specific event (industry- related or of general interest)

·        Being available – volunteering your time and expertise

·        Connecting with former co-workers and others you meet

Consider this though – don’t just network when you need support, network when you don’t need support. LinkedIn has made networking easier but LinkedIn isn’t a replacement for picking up the phone, attending an event in your area (or by webinar) or meeting up for a lunch or a cup of coffee. You’ll find out that people are more approachable if they know you’re not just contacting them when you need them. Start a relationship and build on it.

A-B-C – Always Be Connecting

I connect and reconnect with as many people as I can, based on a schedule that makes sense for both of us. I use some of my downtime (whether it’s on the weekends or during holiday breaks) to coordinate everything and use my phone’s calendar and related apps to support this.  Networking also means determining why it makes sense to network with an individual. You should never refuse an opportunity to network with someone you’ve met because you never know who that person may know who can help and support you. That starts by personalizing your LinkedIn invitation to connect. Then following up an accepted request with a CTA (Call to Action) along these lines  (e.g. Thanks for connecting – let’s meet for a cup of coffee to determine how we can help each other)

It’s helpful to develop a networking strategy -targeting what your specific needs and expectations are and finding opportunities where your skills can be most beneficial to others.

A-B-C – Always Be Connecting