I asked my connections for some changes they’d like to see in 2019. At the top of my list would be better communication about changes before they’re rolled out. LinkedIn used to send out emails from time to time about platform changes – but not anymore.  Here are a few other thoughts

Alex Freund – LinkedIn….at least provide its users the feeling that they care about them.…If LinkedIn is not recognizing the need to connect with the users then soon a competitor will chip away from their strength.

Christine Dykeman – With 5 generations in the workforce, is LinkedIn an “older” professional platform? And yes, others may come into the market, so LinkedIn as a business should be prepared.

Scott Hopper – I’d like to know how my content is rated. Knowing something is low value would be helpful

Beth Granger – I agree about communication, and would add communication when you are in a test group. From a technical perspective, I’d like a simple icon in the nav bar to remind me if my profile is currently public or anonymous and the ability to toggle between them from that icon.

Ed Han – A terrific change would be better granularity of what information is or is not shared with people in your network. I would also love the ability to disable LI messaging, which is a horrifically bad interface. chose.

Joseph Turkowski – I’d like to see better communication about changes and better understanding of how Linkedin data analytics match candidates to job postings.

Michael Cohn – better integration integration with email clients, office suits and CRM systems

Michael J. Wilson, PMP, ITIL – I’d like to see the mobile app improve. Simple things like smoother transition to new posting of original material…I see the phones increasing more active going forward and Linked in should focus on mobile platform app growth in its next 6 to 12month plan.

Are you listening Jeff Weiner?