Texting during job search is more acceptable now than a few years ago. Between an email overload and trying to get messages into a filled voicemail, you should be using every avenue to follow-up.

You could text to

* Ask about connecting
* Ask for more information about a job spec
* Reschedule a meeting you’ve set up
* Follow-up on your status for a job you applied to

I’m starting to see articles like these which suggest the proper etiquette for a recruiter.

I believe texting, if not abused by either job seeker or recruiter, should be part of your follow-up

Some quick do’s and dont’s


  • Keep it short. Long messages are hard to read on a mobile screen. If you need to go into more detail, email or phone would be better. As a rule of thumb, follow the 140-character tweet length limit to ensure your messages are brief.
  • Keep it professional. Texting is a more casual way of communicating, but you should still keep it professional. Emojis, abbreviations and slang are off limits.  Before hitting ‘send,’ double-check your message for grammar and spelling errors. Also, double-check who you’re texting, to ensure you’re contacting the right person,


  • Text on first contact. If this is the first time you contact a recruiter, text messaging probably isn’t the best option. You might be asked who you are and how you got their number. They might even perceive your mobile approach as intrusive.