Introvert Posting on LinkedIn

July 31, 2020 in Blog

One of the most common LinkedIn usage questions I get is how and what content to post

While on LinkedIn you should post and comment on articles relevant to your background – an easy way to get started is writing about something you can relate to.

My first post was about pet peeves I had about emailing. Among more than 100 comments:

**Excessive email chains
**Re-read your email before sending it out
**Not everything needs to be URGENT
**Emails that were more like documents
**Cc’ing excessively
You will always be able to find a topic of interest related to something in your professional life or in job search which you can turn it into a post

Above all – don’t overthink this –

Some suggestions:
**A post seeking advice (e.g. interviewing tip, follow-up)
**How you’ll gear up for an uncertain fall season (balancing school and work or job search)
**Changes you’ve needed to make in your daily routines – asking others to add theirs
**Mention any networking events you’ll be attending and why you’ll be there


The water’s fine – jump in!

May 25, 2020 in Blog

Networking can be easier said than done if you don’t know where and how to start. Networking was extremely hard for me when I started.

I was devastated when I was shown the door by UPS in 2008. I had no idea what I was going to do next. As an introvert, meeting people I’d never met before was the hardest thing I ever had to do – harder than any job or assignment I had. I got better at it, but not before my share of failures. I’m more at ease networking these days and it does gets easier but I’m still an introvert by nature.

Think of it this way, you’re by the ocean and you want to go in. But the water is too cold. So you dip one toe in, then another, then your feet and eventually you take the plunge.

Networking is like that

+ Start slowly with people you meet here
+ Follow-up on connection requests
+ Schedule some time to speak or meet virtually
+ Attend online events – even if it’s just to listen in and be a ‘fly on the wall.’

As you continue growing your network, some basic things to keep in mind.

April 20, 2020 in Blog
  • Personalize the invite (which most people know by now)
  • Send a ‘Thanks for connecting’ note to those you connect with, including some type of CTA (Call to Action).
  • While meeting in-person may not be possible for a while, having a phone call or Zoom-type meeting should be.
  • Be empathetic – we’re all in different situations than we’re used to
  • Don’t be pushy, now is not the time
  • Use the time to develop content for sharing and then share with others (like I’m doing on this post)
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile relevant. – Volunteering will help fill in work gaps you may have now
  • And above all, if you don’t know how to do something ask someone

Networking tips for college students

February 10, 2019 in The Latest

It’s never too soon to be using LinkedIn. It’s a great time for students to learn the best ways to network.

Consider my top 10 tips

  1. Build your LinkedIn profile
  2. Think about what clubs you’ll join at school in your field of interest
  3. Follow up with everyone you meet while home – you never know where that relationship may go.
  4. See if your college has an Alumni group on LinkedIn and join it.
  5. Invest in business cards.
  6. Get a professional sounding email address. I won’t be impressed with “BeerLover1989@”
  7. Review your Facebook and other social media privacy settings.
  8. Distinguish yourself through volunteering or interning.
  9. Write (not email) your thank you after meeting with people
  10. Attend networking events in your area with a friend

I believe that creating a LinkedIn profile should also be part of the college search process and later as part of the college experience. It’s another way that your student can differentiate himself or herself from everyone else.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monster: many employees plan to skip work the Monday after the Super Bowl

February 3, 2019 in The Latest

According to a survey by Monster  about 12 percent of US employees will call out sick on Monday 2/4, the day after The Super Bowl.  If an employee is not planning on going in on Monday, there’s a good chance their boss or hiring manager might be absent, too. Monster also surveyed the heads of companies and heads of hiring at various size organizations, and found that these individuals were even more likely to say they’d taken the day off — almost 14 percent had called out sick the day after the Super Bowl to recover from partying.

Networking is as simple as A-B-C

January 26, 2019 in The Latest

Whether you’re:

·        A Business owner looking for new clients

·        A Job seeker looking for a better opportunity

·        Just looking to better yourself professionally and personally

You should be networking…..

Networking can mean anything from:

·        Attending a specific event (industry- related or of general interest)

·        Being available – volunteering your time and expertise

·        Connecting with former co-workers and others you meet

Consider this though – don’t just network when you need support, network when you don’t need support. LinkedIn has made networking easier but LinkedIn isn’t a replacement for picking up the phone, attending an event in your area (or by webinar) or meeting up for a lunch or a cup of coffee. You’ll find out that people are more approachable if they know you’re not just contacting them when you need them. Start a relationship and build on it.

A-B-C – Always Be Connecting

I connect and reconnect with as many people as I can, based on a schedule that makes sense for both of us. I use some of my downtime (whether it’s on the weekends or during holiday breaks) to coordinate everything and use my phone’s calendar and related apps to support this.  Networking also means determining why it makes sense to network with an individual. You should never refuse an opportunity to network with someone you’ve met because you never know who that person may know who can help and support you. That starts by personalizing your LinkedIn invitation to connect. Then following up an accepted request with a CTA (Call to Action) along these lines  (e.g. Thanks for connecting – let’s meet for a cup of coffee to determine how we can help each other)

It’s helpful to develop a networking strategy -targeting what your specific needs and expectations are and finding opportunities where your skills can be most beneficial to others.

A-B-C – Always Be Connecting

2019 LinkedIn Changes

January 19, 2019 in The Latest


I asked my connections for some changes they’d like to see in 2019. At the top of my list would be better communication about changes before they’re rolled out. LinkedIn used to send out emails from time to time about platform changes – but not anymore.  Here are a few other thoughts

Alex Freund – LinkedIn….at least provide its users the feeling that they care about them.…If LinkedIn is not recognizing the need to connect with the users then soon a competitor will chip away from their strength.

Christine Dykeman – With 5 generations in the workforce, is LinkedIn an “older” professional platform? And yes, others may come into the market, so LinkedIn as a business should be prepared.

Scott Hopper – I’d like to know how my content is rated. Knowing something is low value would be helpful

Beth Granger – I agree about communication, and would add communication when you are in a test group. From a technical perspective, I’d like a simple icon in the nav bar to remind me if my profile is currently public or anonymous and the ability to toggle between them from that icon.

Ed Han – A terrific change would be better granularity of what information is or is not shared with people in your network. I would also love the ability to disable LI messaging, which is a horrifically bad interface. chose.

Joseph Turkowski – I’d like to see better communication about changes and better understanding of how Linkedin data analytics match candidates to job postings.

Michael Cohn – better integration integration with email clients, office suits and CRM systems

Michael J. Wilson, PMP, ITIL – I’d like to see the mobile app improve. Simple things like smoother transition to new posting of original material…I see the phones increasing more active going forward and Linked in should focus on mobile platform app growth in its next 6 to 12month plan.

Are you listening Jeff Weiner?

My list of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from LinkedIn 2018.

January 14, 2019 in The Latest


  • Emphasis on content sharing, including introduction of audio and video as part of content sharing
  • Use of ‘#’ and ‘@’ signs along with the option how you want to share updates
  • Combining multiple positions at one company.
  • Relaunch of Events platform
  • Mobile interface changes – including Find Nearby
  • LinkedIn Local
  • New social ‘collaborators’ program
  • Commute info on LI jobs



  • Groups relaunch
  • Lack of meaningful communication from LinkedIn threw occasional emails at very least
  • Elimination of email address on downloads without any notice
  • Snapchat like interface for college students
  • Constant settings changes without notice




  • Constant tinkering of LinkedIn platform
  • Kudos
  • QR code as connection tool – I know some people like this though
  • SPAM

12 Days of LinkedIn

January 5, 2019 in The Latest

As the holiday season comes to an end, here are my 12 Days of Linkedin…

  • On the first day of LinkedIn, my true love gave to me…. One New Profile Picture
  • On the second day of LinkedIn, my true love gave to me…. Two New Inmails and One New Profile Picture
  • On the third day of LinkedIn, my true love gave to me…. Three Recommendations, Two New Inmails and One New Profile Picture
  • On the fourth day of LinkedIn, my true love gave to me…. Four Status Updates, Three Recommendations, Two New Inmails and One New Profile Picture


  • On the 12th day of LinkedIn, my true love gave to me…Twelve changes to the platform, Eleven LinkedIn Gurus, Ten LinkedIn Groups, Nine New profile views, Eight new features on Mobile, Seven summary section keywords, Six new connection requests, Five article comments, Four Status updates, Three Recommendations, Two New Inmails and one new Profile picture

Wishing all my connections a happy and healthy 2019.