More LinkedIn changes coming!

September 25, 2020 in Blog

The latest Linkedin changes rolled out yesterday and as you see them, consider first how (or if) you’ll use them. I’ll detail them a bit further as I try them.

Most changes are on mobile and will first require you to update the App.

Changes include:

* New look to desktop interface
* Ability to add ‘stories’ on LinkedIn. On the top of your mobile profile, you’ll see images of those who have posted stories. You can add a story as an option when you create a post on mobile. I tested this out and it seems quite simple.
* My personal favorite – linking a Zoom-type meeting to a sent message.

My first thoughts

* I’m not a big fan of ‘Stories.’ I fear a feed with story after story. That was how polls started out and this isn’t Instagram.

* I can see job seekers using the Zoom interface and, perhaps, using a story to promote themselves in job search much like the microphone does.


What do you think?

Quality vs Quantity

September 10, 2020 in Blog

Quality vs quantity means everything in what you do in networking.


**It’s not how many people you connect with, it’s what you do as a follow-up to remain in touch with those who you may eventually develop business relationships
**It’s not how many jobs you apply for, it’s the jobs you’re targeting that match your skills and background.
**It’s not how much you post and comment on, it’s how you choose to engage

Hiring managers and recruiters, especially…Be understanding and stop trying to find that ‘perfect’ candidate. They don’t exist on paper but they’re in front of you every day.