Networking tips for college students

February 10, 2019 in The Latest

It’s never too soon to be using LinkedIn. It’s a great time for students to learn the best ways to network.

Consider my top 10 tips

  1. Build your LinkedIn profile
  2. Think about what clubs you’ll join at school in your field of interest
  3. Follow up with everyone you meet while home – you never know where that relationship may go.
  4. See if your college has an Alumni group on LinkedIn and join it.
  5. Invest in business cards.
  6. Get a professional sounding email address. I won’t be impressed with “BeerLover1989@”
  7. Review your Facebook and other social media privacy settings.
  8. Distinguish yourself through volunteering or interning.
  9. Write (not email) your thank you after meeting with people
  10. Attend networking events in your area with a friend

I believe that creating a LinkedIn profile should also be part of the college search process and later as part of the college experience. It’s another way that your student can differentiate himself or herself from everyone else.

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Monster: many employees plan to skip work the Monday after the Super Bowl

February 3, 2019 in The Latest

According to a survey by Monster  about 12 percent of US employees will call out sick on Monday 2/4, the day after The Super Bowl.  If an employee is not planning on going in on Monday, there’s a good chance their boss or hiring manager might be absent, too. Monster also surveyed the heads of companies and heads of hiring at various size organizations, and found that these individuals were even more likely to say they’d taken the day off — almost 14 percent had called out sick the day after the Super Bowl to recover from partying.