Use LinkedIn as part of your job search and networking strategy

August 29, 2020 in Blog

Where to start?

*Build a complete profile that markets you in the best way possible (that’s where keywords and engagement come in)
*Know how to use that profile when networking. People aren’t just going to find you. You need to start finding them so they can, in turn, start finding you. The more you do it, the easier it gets.
*Develop a plan – starting with that profile, and then using that profile to network, share your profile whenever possible – through Zoom meetings, on your Email signature, and anytime to speak to someone – we all still go out but not to events. *Get familiar with LinkedIn on mobile

LinkedIn and Excellent Email Etiquette

August 21, 2020 in Blog

I decided to revisit a post I made 6 years ago about Email Etiquette. While many of the basics remain the same, I have some suggestions for these challenging times.

  •  Write in a positive tone. Avoid negative words and blaming statements as much as possible and above all, be emphatetic.
  • Allow more lead to time follow-up on emails 
  • Include the action you require of the recipient in the email subject line. For example, “Response required or FYI only’
  • Think about what you’re writing before you hit the ‘send’ button.
  • Read your message twice and see if the email makes sense. Calm down before responding to a message that offends you.
  • Use capital letters sparingly, if at all, because ‘tone’ can’t also be detected in an email.
  • Just because you think something’s important, doesn’t necessarily mean that your email has the same sense of urgency for the person you’re emailing.
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