The latest Linkedin changes rolled out yesterday and as you see them, consider first how (or if) you’ll use them. I’ll detail them a bit further as I try them.

Most changes are on mobile and will first require you to update the App.

Changes include:

* New look to desktop interface
* Ability to add ‘stories’ on LinkedIn. On the top of your mobile profile, you’ll see images of those who have posted stories. You can add a story as an option when you create a post on mobile. I tested this out and it seems quite simple.
* My personal favorite – linking a Zoom-type meeting to a sent message.

My first thoughts

* I’m not a big fan of ‘Stories.’ I fear a feed with story after story. That was how polls started out and this isn’t Instagram.

* I can see job seekers using the Zoom interface and, perhaps, using a story to promote themselves in job search much like the microphone does.


What do you think?